Month: April 2015

2015 May Tiered Hydro One Rate.

  This is the new rate we have anticipated. But for net metering customers you get paid the same as you get credited. So no change on your bill! Still zero.

Hydro One Rate increase May 1st

Hydro zapping customers with May 1 increase | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun. More now then ever, it’s time to look at Net Metering. Sunfish can drop your Hydro bill to $0 a month! Stay connected, no batteries. Do

Hydro One Line Losses explained

Changes to your bill – Line Losses. The middle of the link is most interesting. It shows how they bury the line loss. They don’t tell you there is no way to see charges from your bill if they decide

Hydro One, What makes up your delivery price.

Residential Delivery Rates. Here is information on the buried parts of you delivery rates. i hope this helps, Greg

Hydro One line loss explained. This link gets you to the Hydro One page that explains how the line loss is buried in the delivery charge. The downside is you can’t see what they are multiplying in for line loss! Hope this helps, Greg

Sunfish Solar in the news: Part 2

  The first article has really made people think about doing something about their hydro bills. Sunfish appreciates Dorian Shortt’s part 2. These are questions that people ask me also. A big thanks to Dorian for helping bring viable solar to

Minimizing blackouts with renewable power for the grid.

Click below on “Treehugger” to read the article.   TreeHugger.

Sunfish Solar in the News.

Thanks to Dorian Shortt for a great conversation at the Van Dolder Home Show. He has written a very correct article about me and my company in the Grey Bruce This Week newspaper.

Decline in coal brings net growth in jobs : TreeHugger

Decline in coal brings net growth in jobs : TreeHugger. Get the lowest cost energy at Sunfish

Which type of roof is best in cold climates: solar, white or green? : TreeHugger

Which type of roof is best in cold climates: solar, white or green? : TreeHugger.