An A-frame ground structure for Net Metering

We have had an increasing amount of customers with large hydro bills. They are more likely to have geothermal as their heating source. Their monthly winter hydro bill can be in the $400-$900 per month range. This means that they consume about $4,500.00 per year in electricity. Sunfish has a solution to remove the monthly Hydro cost. There is a limit to how much power a system can create. This limit is dictated by a few elements. How many panels get installed, which direction they face, trees, etc. The solution Sunfish has come up with the works very well is to mount twice the amount of panels facing east and west.

Aframe system 14'

80 panel A frame 20,000 watts of solar.

Complete A frame 78:80 panels system

Complete 80 panel system, covers $4,500 worth of Hydro.

Aframe Net Metering system for Geothermal

72 panel system 18,000 watts.

So 8 to 10 kws facing east and 8 to 10 kws  facing west. This allows the inverter to be full of energy from first thing in the morning to late afternoon. I call the structure an A frame. It is a stand alone unit that we build. It is not a structure like a building, the ends are open, and the panels are the only thing keeping the snow and rain out. It could be used for storage like a car port.  We can build an A frame up to 400 feet back from your  house. This system will produce 20,000 kilowatt hours per year of electricity. That’s $4,500 at today’s prices.



This A-frame is also a great replacement if you have a tracker that the manufacturer won’t service and you have an old contract. No moving parts!

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