Solar Options

Why solar?

Solar power is becoming an increasingly popular way to generate electricity. Instead of simply being a consumer, you can generate power and take advantage of government programs intended to reduce the demand on older, less environmentally friendly methods.

How you can use the sun!

Solar power is free for the taking, you just need something to catch it. By installing an array of solar panels on a house roof, barn, other free standing structure or commercial building, you can capture the energy of the sun. The power you generate can be fed directly into the power grid – you don’t have to invest in expensive storage systems or change your electrical service.

Safe and maintenance free.

Solar panels can be installed on buildings or ground mounted where there is adequate sun exposure. The light weight, maintenance-free design allows placement on almost any type of roof. Detailed calculations are used to determine the size of system you require based on sun exposure, roof area and your purpose: Micro-fit, Net Metering or Off-grid. An engineer approves
every installation, taking both snow and wind load into account.

Net Metering

Wouldn’t you like a monthly hydro bill of $0? With Net Metering, the energy you generate into the grid offsets the cost of the energy you consume including delivery charges!

Off Grid / Tied to Grid

Solar is one of the most environmentally safe and sound methods of generating electricity – clean alternative, generated by you. Solar offers a stable, cost-effective source of power for off-the-grid systems. It has never been easier to be energy independent!

Interactive Tesla Battery data from Australia.