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Solar ERoEI Is Actually Really, Really Good | CleanTechnica

Source: Solar ERoEI Is Actually Really, Really Good | CleanTechnica

Batteries Keep On Getting Cheaper | CleanTechnica

Source: Batteries Keep On Getting Cheaper | CleanTechnica


At Sunfish Solar we stand behind the products we sell and install. This is not true of all solar companies. So we want to let everyone know we’re here help. Even if your system was originally installed by another company.

May 1st Hydro One rates. 8.7 cents/13.2 cents/18 cents!

Toronto, ON, Canada / Talk Radio AM640 Neil Kumar Updated: April 14, 2016 05:30 pm The Price of Hydro Slated to Increase in May The cost of hydro is slated to rise on Sunday, May 1st by 2.5% on homes

Elon Musk, From Kyle Field, Clean Technica

Elon Loves Norway The discussion kicked off with Elon spreading some love on Norway. Norway has taken an aggressive approach to driving EV adoption in the country and, as such, has the highest concentration of EVs per capita of any

Fossil fuel subsidies cost $5.3 trillion annually!

Fossil fuel subsidies cost $5.3 trillion annually: from May 28, 2015 | Fossil fuel subsidies cost $5.3 trillion annually Fossil fuel subsidies cost $ 5.3 trillion a year or $10,000,000 a minute. That’s according to a new study by

Recycling solar PV panels

You need to click on the link below to read this article. Greg   Solar energy is regarded as a green technology, but what happens to solar panels once they reach the end of their lifetime? Renewable Energy Focus’ Kari

10 Reasons To Overbuild Your Rooftop Solar | CleanTechnica

The Case for Overbuilding Your Rooftop Solar ArrayWhen a solar company analyzes a residence for rooftop solar, they look at several items, including available unobstructed space (that is free from shade), electric bill usage, and size of budget. What is

Base Load Power Is A Myth Used For Defending The Fossil Fuel Industry

Originally published on RenewEconomy.Last week, leading lights of the global fossil power industry gathered at a conference in Houston, Texas, for CERA, known in the sector as the “Davos of Energy”. They reportedly got the shock of their professional careers.They

How long will Solar Panels last? 45 years?

Here is part of an article by Derek Markham. This was originally posted on Cost of Solar. When considering going solar, we know that one of the top questions tends to be something along the lines of “How much do