The Details:

Eliminate hydro bills including delivery charges with Net Metering
Do you have major hydro bills? Do you have a Geothermal system?

Net Metering bill in the winter.

Every year, get a energy and delivery bill for $0 from Ontario Hydro. You could just pay the service charge to maintain the hydro lines. The Net Metering service charge is $33. per month. It’s very simple: consume electricity from the Ontario electricity grid just as you always have. Feed the solar power you generate into the grid, and get a credit that goes against your hydro bill.

If you generate as much power as you consume, your bill drops to zero. No batteries. No special permits.

Why now?

Ontario’s Green Energy Act brought large-scale solar manufacturing to Ontario. As a result, the average cost of a solar, photovoltaic, or PV panel has dropped by approximately 70% in three years. Greener Homes $5,000 grant is available. There is also a $40,000 loan financing at 0% over 10 years through the Federal Government. 

What does this mean for you? The cost of a solar installation big enough to cover a year’s worth of hydro bills now takes roughly 10 years to payback, not 30. In other words, pay as much for your system over about 10 years as you would in hydro bills, and after that your hydro is effectively free.

The fine print

As the price of solar panels continues to come down and the cost of electricity goes up—it has almost doubled in the past 10 years—Net Metering becomes more attractive. Plus the value of a Sunfish storage structure!
If you get rolling now, you may have system payback in eight or nine years, as hydro rates climb.

To find out more about the potential of Net Metering for your home or business, please contact us today. We will be happy to elaborate.