Storage Structure and Net Metering.

  Here are some pictures of Storage structures Sunfish has done. They will reduce a Hydro Bill by $6,000 and store your things.

Sullivan Solar Power Blog | Dangers of Micro Inverters

Sunfish has found the same thing. Here is one of our typical system’s inverters over 4 years. This is with the Enphase in Business!  We don’t sell Enphase micro inverters anymore. We switched to string, wall mount inverters. We have had no string

Steel Building 10kw Microfit installation.

This is a 10 kw Microfit system. Space was limited, but we will achieve the best returns possible with this system. We used a combination of 285 watt and 265 watt panels, mono’s. As space was limited we used the new

Better battery solution!

Here is a great battery solution. 40 year life, no maintenance. 34 kw:hr lithium battery

Simple Solar installations.

Installing a simply solar system. System sometimes get busy or complicated. Different roofs lend themselves to solar panels better then others. Here is a straight forward system. A 18 panel Microfit system outside of Hepworth. This system as of March 15′

Flat roof systems for House or Business

Flat roof installations that don’t penetrate. Sunfish installs Solar panel systems on almost all types of roofs. Here are a couple of systems that don’t penetrate the roof membrane. I use foam sheeting to place the ballast down. This gives

Concrete barn system in Dublin, Ont

  This customer installed both Microfit Old barn before awning solar panel systemand Net metering. We build the awning to match the style of the building. The awning is made from square cut 8×8 inch timbers. It is bolted to

Different methods of mounting solar panels.

  Sunfish Solar can mount panels on various roof surfaces. Asphalt shingles, raised seam steel roof, flat roof or barn steel roof structures are all possible candidates. I am including some pictures of different styles. Here are some examples.  

An A-frame ground structure for Net Metering

We have had an increasing amount of customers with large hydro bills. They are more likely to have geothermal as their heating source. Their monthly winter hydro bill can be in the $400-$900 per month range. This means that they