Greg Lougheed Bio.

Premier's Award 2006Greg Lougheed engineered the SunFish Solar Systems, including the tracking device. His green-technology experience includes developing the Lougheed Bio Diesel Reactor system, which won a Premier’s Award for Research Excellence in 2006. Lougheed Bio Diesel technology is currently being applied at Guelph University. Greg has been developing SunFish Solar’s cost effective systems for the past five years.

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  1. tom macdonald says:

    Hi Greg

    Tom Macdonald from macdonalds furniture and appliances meaford

    You quoted solar on my house on 3rd a few years ago

    If I build a 1400 Sq foot bungalow. How much roughly all in to install off grid solar system. I have a decent sized generator for back up plus central wood stove. Do you power in floor heating with solar as well? How many amps for off grid around 100?

    My Gmail is best

    Just looking for a high guess at this point for budget. Project would be summer or fall most likely. Maybe late spring at soonest. It would be in meaford



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