Achieve power independence

Whether you’re far off the grid or you simply want to save money while achieving power independence, achieving off-grid self-sufficiency has never been easier.

A fraction of the price

As little as five years ago, off-grid power was expensive. A system to power the average Ontario home year-round cost about $50,000. That price has now dropped to less than $40,000.

Solar panels are often the largest ticket item in an off-grid system. Fortunately, the average cost of a panel has dropped by 70% in the last three years, and the costs of other components have kept pace.

The SunFish Solar difference

What’s different about SunFish Solar? Our principals have been part of the green power movement for over 20 years. We truly believe in renewable power, and we know solar power inside out. We have also put a lot of thought into our systems, to the point of custom manufacturing our own panel mounting structures and components.

Our approach is to take a look at your situation, ask you about your priorities, provide an estimate at no charge, and build a custom system that’s right for your needs and budget.

Off-grid solar: the components

All off-grid solar systems involve the same basic components: photovoltaic panels, ground-mounts, power inversion, and a bank of deep cycle gel solar batteries.

It’s how you choose your components, as well as how and where you put them together, that separates great systems from poor ones.

Choosing a panel Because not all panels are created equal, SunFish will suggest the panel that is right for your purposes.

Factors that we consider in recommending a panel:

  • Load rating
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Mechanical characteristics (tolerance to hail/wind/snow load)

Batteries Deep cycle batteries are now developed specifically for solar applications. They are all lead acid, but come in three varieties: flooded (wet), gelled, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat). Flooded lead acid batteries come in two varieties: sealed and non-sealed. We typically recommend Gel. They are less expensive over time and tend to last 18-20 years if properly charged.

The lifespan of any battery will vary according to how it is used, maintained and charged, the ambient temperature, and other factors. Like to learn more? Give us a call.

Other factors affecting solar system performance

Location Did you know that even one partially shaded panel can drastically reduce power output for the entire array? SunFish Solar takes intelligent load balancing into account in every installation. We also pick the optimal location for peak generation.

Whatever your needs, SunFish Solar can design an off-grid system to meet them. And remember: estimates are free! Contact us today to make your off-grid dream a reality.