Steel roof microfit

Steel house roof.


Awning mount, on the side of a building.

Aframe netmetering

Looking at the end of an A-frame system for a geothermal user to reduce their Hydro bill.

Complete A frame 78:80 panels system

An A-frame that will produce $4,500 per year of Hydro. 20,000 watts

Flat Ballast roof East

Flat roof system, We even painted it white for cooler running of Air conditioning and more solar production.

United 1st 2

Raised seam roof, with angle mounts. No penetration of the roof. Clamps just squeeze the seam to hold on.

Tight spaced flat roof system

Very tightly spaced flat roof system. 7Kws.


Sunfish Solar can mount panels on various roof surfaces. Asphalt shingles, raised seam steel roof, flat roof or barn steel roof structures are all possible candidates. I am including some pictures of different styles. Here are some examples.

Ballast wall mount system

Ballast flat roof.




Mounting system on Shingles

Shingles, close up.