Hydro net metering

Hydro One Net Metering summary page.

Hydro One billing can be a mystery. Here’s what a Hydro One Net metering bill looks like. This bill is for a net metering system that does not produce enough electricity for the home. It can be a smaller system, or not enough roof space. There are 3 pages to the bill. First page is a summary page showing the generation credit(Adjustments), usage (Your New charges), and the balance owing (Total amount you owe).





This is the usage page. At the top it shows Amount of your last bill, like a regular Hydro One bill. “Amount we received on” this date, like a regular bill.

Hydro Net metering usage

Hydro One Net Metering usage page.

Below this is the standard “Electricity used this period”

All the regular charges are below. “New total of your electricity charges” is the usage total.

At the bottom of the page there is the “Generation Credit” “$93.18CR”




This page is your Generation page with what you are getting credited for. It looks like a regular bill but is what Hydro One owes you. “credit” You can see they pay you for all the extra charges.Delivery, Regulatory Charges, Debt Retirement Charge.They back out HST.


Hydro generation

Generation page of a Net Metering Hydro One bill.

The $184.25 is this bills total energy charges from the middle page. Less HST at $21.20 should say minus, it’s taken off.

Standard Supply Service Admin Charge is taken off $.25

Distribution Service Charge should be minus $17.43

Why this amount isn’t $165.82 is still a mystery. This section doesn’t appear to have a lot to do with the bill. I don’t know if it is some kind of internal calculation.

The bottom of this page is back to normal. Simply your credit to be applied to your usage charges.