Back of house solar panels.

A big system for a monthly reduction of $405.00 per month, down to $33 per month.

Net Metering stand alone. Field.

The inner structure of a Aframe.

Net Metering in Owen Sound area.

42 panel Aframe. 12,180 watts of power. $3,000 annual electrical produced. Net Metering.

Black solar panel hides on a dark coloured roof.

This is the look difference between Black vs Silver panels. There is a small price premium for black, but it does look really good.

Vertical mounted Solar panels. Sunfish Solar Inc.

Off grid system, 9,000 watts. Enough to run a whole house.

Here is a number of different project we have built. 

South Wall made for Winter production

10 kw Microfit on Steel Building close up shot.

Steel Building 10 kw Solar Array